Review: Fifty Years in Polygamy: Big Secrets and Little White Lies by Kristyn Decker

Kristyn Decker, the daughter of a polygamist prophet, reveals a rare, uncensored, firsthand account of the inner workings of a Utah-based polygamist sect whose members today include high-profile reality television stars.

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.
I have always been intrigued on the lifestyle that is of polygamy. I have seen movies about it, the recent one being on Warren Jeff's which he is mentioned in the book not by much but his name does pop up. But I have never read a book about it, so I knew I had to see what this book would be about. 
First let me say that there are some heartbreaking parts that are told and I had to put the book down in fear of me breaking down while reading. 
We learn through Sophie who later changes her name to Kristyn about her life growing up, what she goes through as she enters into the lifestyle that she was born and raised in. 
It is depressing, which I am not certain it would be a lifestyle I would choose. I can see how women and children are brainwashed into the religion of it all. Especially once the brainwashing starts so early when kids are developing still.
Even though I could understand in a way of how Sophie was trapped in this lifestyle. It bothered me that she stayed with her husband Mark even though he didn't appreciate her. And the way he treated the kids and her it was like oh well, lets make this marriage work. You will get better even though I am not happy. 
I wanted to shake her and say just leave with your children don't you understand what you are putting them through!!! 
The book does seem to be repetitive as far as what she is going through. Mark and her fight, she tries to be happy, he is upset with wife number 2 because of how she is acting and it goes back and forth for a while. I wanted an answer on why didn't Diana (wife number 2) and Sophie talk after the divorce. I know they had their differences and Sophie kept becoming the people pleasing person on more than on occasion so not to make her upset but I wanted the answer. Why was Diana like that towards Sophie. 
I am glad that she has found happiness but it has taken her half of her life to find it. I know it had to be hard to write something so personal and have it out there for others to read. 
Also there was a lot of mistakes. Such as words being put together that did not need to be or words becoming separated that needed to be put together. I just hope that it was fixed all before publication?
 A good read on the life of someone who has lived the lifestyle. You can feel the emotion from it all. From the physical abuse, emotional and mental I am surprised Sophie was able to make it through it all and make herself happy. Decent read for me, once I was able to look past the constant (and I dislike having to use this word) "poor me" complex and the repetitiveness. 


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