Review: I Met A Demon by Petronela Ungureanu

Lost in a gloomy village away from the civilized world, a young man lives the most horrifying experience of his life.
This story is based on actual events and it follows faithfully the incredible narration reported by the very hero of this story. The reader might be tempted to doubt these facts... He should not.

I received this book and I also bought it from amazon to give an honest review.

I honestly dislike having to give a book below a 3 star rating. But I had to say I was truly disappointed with this story. When I read the title I assumed okay it is based on actual events and it deals with demons. Then I read the blurb and was for sure like okay this is going to be a truly scary experience. I wonder what this person went through.
Well considering it was a short story, it also did not feel scary at all. When the author described the demon I just yawned I felt no scariness that I was hoping for. You know the one that you get when something is described and you are looking over your shoulder to make sure nothing like that is there? Yep never got it. 
Also I felt as though maybe there are some things that the editor could have caught. Such as buss I would think the word was suppose to be bus. And 9,30 I always knew it to be 9:30. Silly things but it could have been caught. 

I do like this author's writing style but this book fell really really short on me. If you are okay with short stories that is not truly scary then get this book and give it a try. 

Petronela UngureanuI love elves, fairies and writing about them. I have just published my very first short story on Amazon and I am deliriously happy :). It is called "Lost in the Seven Worlds" and it is a magical romance :).


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