Review: Phoenix Feather by Angela Wallace

12846218Aidan Quinn is not entirely human. Every hundred years, she bursts into flame and is reborn from the ashes. Now she’s a grad student in Seattle, weary of these repetitious life cycles and grieving a lost love.
An obsession is born. Detective Bryan McCain is trying to solve the serial murders of young women with red hair. When his brother, Trent, starts dating a potential victim, Bryan has to pour everything he has into catching the killer, without losing himself in the process.
Aidan’s heart has been broken many times, but she just might have a little left for dashing fireman Trent McCain. Little does she know, the killer is on the hunt for a phoenix, and he’s getting closer.

I received this book to give an honest review.

I loved the way this story was told, you have Aidan who has a secret! She is a phoenix who unknown to her is being hunted. She has decided to live life as a human and have friends and ends up in a relationship with Trent a fireman! How ironic right? Aidan is a phoenix who can rise from the ashes and Trent fights fires. Trent is the adorable book boyfriend so kind, caring, thinks of others, willing to help those going through a hard time even if he doesn't truly know them. 
Aidan normally doesn't let anyone get close to her but she befriends Chris and Phoebe who have an awesome brother and sister relationship. Not only does she allow Chris and Phoebe to get close she also allows Trent to become close and ends up knowing more about her than anyone before.  There is romance, mystery and  mythology which I love! The phoenix is one of those mystical creatures I love to read about, there is a bit of sadness but hope towards the end. Aidan is such a strong character with what is thrown her way that her selfless act is something I didn't even think about her doing. 
This story keep me wanting to read more to find out what else could happen, will this serial killer be caught or would it be too late? What will happen with Aidan and Trent? I love this authors writing style and hope to read more from her in the future. 

Angela WallaceAngela Wallace has been penning adventures ever since she was sucked through a magical portal as a child. What she saw and whom she met gave birth to exciting and complex fantasy worlds where defying the laws of physics was a bonus. She has since come back down to earth, only to discover this mortal realm has magic of its own. Now she is quite at home in the world of urban fantasy, though believes that love, faith, and hope are of a stronger magic than fire wielding and sorcery. She loves gun-toting good boys, and could have been a cop in another life except real blood makes her queasy. She’ll have to stick to solving supernatural mysteries. Language is her pleasure, whether it’s weaving words on a page or lassoing linguistics into translations as a sign language interpreter. Angela is currently working on the next book in her Elemental Magic series.


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