Review: Cherished Cats and Childhood Capers by Becky Corwin-Adams

Life was never boring in Defiance!
Excerpt: "Our class went to the school library for a research project. As I was looking for a book, a note that was folded up like a football flew over the top of a six-foot-high bookshelf and landed at my feet. It was a request for my friend Cindy and me to go on a double date with Randy and his best friend, Tim.
The following day, a five-pound bag of sour balls mysteriously appeared in my locker, along with another note requesting a date. I found out where Randy's locker was and returned the candy, along with a note saying that Cindy and I had to work on Friday night, so we could not go on a date with them.
A day or two later, the persistent guys asked where we worked, and I told them we worked at Murphy's in Defiance. (I actually did work there, but Cindy didn't have a job.) I thought that was the end of them, until they showed up at Murphy's on Friday night and tried to talk to me while I was working. I didn't even know Randy's name yet. He had been signing the notes with his nickname, "Preacher Boy."
Randy found out where I lived, and on Good Friday, he dropped by my house unexpectedly. When I opened the door, my hair full of bright pink plastic curlers that were as large as orange juice cans, there he was, asking me to join him for a cruise through downtown Defiance..."
Did Randy's persistence pay off? Read the book to find out!

I received this book to give an honest review.
You know this is normally not my type of book to read but I am so glad I was given a copy to read. I love reading about people's life. And within this story even though I was not raised or born in the 60's there are some things that I remember I had growing up in the 90's. For one there is a part within the story that the author and her sister would hold a contest for the person who peeled the biggest piece of elemer's glue off their hand. That is something me and my mom use to do and it brought back memories that make me want to do that with my own children. It was something always fun. 
Second, the author had a Skip It. Now I remember having one of those myself and I so wish I kept mine or at least could find one now to give to my daughter. Those were the fun times and I loved how the author made her own until she got on herself. These were things that happened within the author's life and they brought back memories within my own life that I was glad to remember.

Now there were parts that would make you laugh out loud and go oh my goodness really? Especially one part with the author thinking the toilet swallowed little kids!
The way the story is told it is memories of the author growing up which is really cool, but it is not consisted with ages. Like you might read when the author is four and then a chapter or two later the author is two or six. 
Very fun and a quick read. 


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