Haunted Halloween by: Angee Taylor

                                                         Haunted Halloween 
                                                        Angee Taylor
I counted the passing white lines as I tried to stay awake and focus on keeping the car on the road. It had been a long shift, a hard one too. There’d been an accident earlier in the night where two teenagers had died. One had died on scene and the other had been transported to the ER where I work. She went into cardiac arrest shortly after arriving. We worked her for almost an hour, way over what is standard for a traumatic arrest, but couldn’t get her back.

When I read the EMS run report, I learned the accident had happened on one of the roads I take to get home. It’d happened on a hilly stretch. The young driver had passed in those hills and hit a car head on. The driver was somewhat uninjured, thanks to her airbag and seatbelt and had gotten out to help her friend. A car driving way to fast in those hills topped one, but it was too late to stop, he hit the teenager, killing her instantly.

I was approaching the place the accident had happened. As I topped the hill, the lights on my car illuminated a woman in the road. Slamming on my brakes, I tried to keep from hitting her. It was too late, I closed my eyes tightly not wanting to see her hit my car. I never heard or felt the impact. I opened my eyes before I had another accident. I pulled over to the side of the road.

I opened the car door slowly stepping out as I looked around for her. As I stepped completely out of the car, I closed the door slowly behind me. The sound of it was swallowed up by the night. “Hello! Hello!” I called out listening for someone to answer me. Nothing, there wasn’t a single sound. I was surrounded by the forest and the lone highway I was driving. I walked to the other side of my car and called out again, still nothing.

Looking out into the darkness, I strained to see anyone or anything, but there was nothing but the darkness of the night. Deciding I had imagined the woman, I got back in the car and pulled back onto the road. Still trying hard to make it home. I was so tired. I needed to change from this one pm twelve-hour shift. It was just too busy.

I tried to focus on the road but my eyes are so heavy, I knew I was falling asleep. I was a danger on the road. I rolled my windows down to let the night air in. Struggling to focus on the road and fighting to stay awake. I managed to make it to my apartment complex. Parking my car, I stumbled my way into my apartment.

Leaving the lights off, I walked to my bedroom, shedding shoes and clothes along the way. Fumbling in the dark, I opened a dresser drawer and pulled a tee shirt out to sleep in, slipping it over my head as I crawled into my bed.

I passed out almost instantly as my head touched the cool pillow.

I was woken up with a cool touch on my back. Thinking I had dreamed it, I crawled out of bed and made my way to the restroom. After empting my bladder, I stood at the sink with my eyes closed. As I turned around to return to my bed, I froze in my tracks.

A woman stood in my way. “You can see me?” I heard her say.

“You’re dreaming Micha. You’re dreaming Micha,” I repeated to myself. “There isn’t a woman standing in your way talking to you.”

“You’re not dreaming! I’m here and you can hear me. Please help me,” the woman spoke again.

Deciding it was a dream, I walked around her anyway, just too weird to walk through someone even in a dream. I crawled in my bed.

“You can see and hear me! You have to help me,” the woman’s voice sounded near panic.

“What if I can? What do you want?” I mumbled as I tried to go back to sleep?

“I need you to deliver a message for me. To my brother,” she answered.

Still foggy from sleep I actually spoke to her again, “Who are you anyway?”

“I’m Amber, well I was anyway until tonight. I’m the girl you coded tonight,” she said softly.

That got my attention. Turning over I sat up in bed and actually looked at the woman. It was her, the teenager from the crash earlier tonight. “Damnit! Why do you damn ghost always stalk me? It’s been three years since the last time. I thought that the word about me had died down in the afterlife.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I only found you because you slammed on your brakes when you saw me in the road.”

Reaching over, I turned on my lamp. I thought back to the first time I had seen one of them; a ghost. I’d been ten years old and was playing in my backyard. I hadn’t even known the girl was a ghost until she told me her neighbor had killed her. My mom had walked out about the time I was speaking to the girl. I ended up at the doctor because my mom thought I was crazy.

It had happened repeatedly over the years. Increasing significantly when I began working in the ER. I’d finally realized that I usually met the ghost of anyone who coded in the entire hospital, or in the back of the EMS unit if they brought the body to my ER. Once I even noticed the ghost watching us work to save his body. Then about three years ago, the appearances stopped for some reason.

The teenage ghost spoke again bringing me out of my thoughts. “Will you help me?”

“What do you want me to do? What message do you want me to deliver? What am I supposed to say- Hi, I’m Micha, your dead sister wants me to deliver a message for her. He’ll have me thrown in the psych ward!”

“I can tell you something that only I know and he will know without a doubt that you’re talking to me,” Amber continued.

“I’m going to regret this,” I said aloud but my mind had gone back to the night my dad had died and to something he had said to me that dreadful night. It’s a gift from God and it’s your responsibility to help them whenever you can and anyway you can. His words rang in my head.

I stumbled to the closet in and fumbled through my clothes before I found a pair of jeans and a t shirt to put on. “Where am I going?” I asked Amber.

“To his apartment, 1313 Devils Circle, apt 777,” she blurted the address out.

I was still so sleepy, I was probably a danger to others and myself behind the wheel of a car. I wouldn’t go without my car though. “Let’s go,” I mumbled.

I slid into the seat of my little car. Plugged my phone into the charger, then went into the GPS map program on it, plugging in the address so I wouldn’t get lost. Damn ghost were horrible navigators popping in and out whenever they wanted.

What was I doing? I was headed to someone’s house that I had never met, in the middle of the night.

“So, what message is so important that you hung around after the accident?” I questioned the apparition sitting in my rear seat.

“I only want to say it once but please hurry and get there. He’s in danger, it’s Halloween. We could already be too late.” She urged me to hurry.

“Too late for what?” I asked again.

“They’re going to kill him just like they did me!” She spoke again, by the sound of her voice if she was alive she’d be crying.

“Who is?” I questioned as I pressed harder on the gas pedal. The little four cylinder was trying its best.

“My family, they had me killed for the insurance policy,” she snapped at me.

I slowed down as I exited the road I was on and turned onto Devils Circle, I sped down the small road until I came to the thirteen hundred block. It was then I slowed down looking for the entrance to the apartments. As I turned into the complex I was met shocked to see police car’s everywhere. I turned right as the sign directed to building 7. As I drove that way, I found myself at a police barricade that blocked the road. Amber was gone. I parked the car and attempted to walk past it. The cops stopped me.

“I’m sorry ma’am this is an active crime scene you can’t enter,” The officer stated.

“I’m trying to get to my brother he lives in Apartment 777.” I ad-libbed.

“Alex is your brother?” he asked me.

I was at a loss for words. I didn’t know his name, it was then Amber popped back in. “Yes,” she said to me.

“Yes sir he is. Is he okay?” I asked questioningly

“He will be. I’ll get him for you. Please wait over in the grass at the edge of the parking lot,” he spoke as he walked away.

It seemed like forever before he returned. I stood there in the night with the red and blue flashing lights lighting up the darkness. My mind wandered back to my dad again. It’s a gift he’d told me, yeah a damn stinking gift that deprives me of sleep.

“There he is, there he is,” I heard Amber began to tell me.

The golden boy walked up to me looking confused. “My sister was killed tonight and you have the audacity to claim to be her! My twin sister, I’m eighteen not an idiot. What are you trying to do?”

“Please don’t be mad I have a good reason. I have a message from your sister.” My voice pleaded with him.

“How in the hell do you have a message from my sister? She is dead!” He yelled at me.

It was then I heard Amber “He’s gay. I’m the only one he’s ever told.”

“I can prove I’m talking with her. She said tell you I know you’re gay,” I whispered.

The look on his face changed instantly. “What the hell? How do you know that?” He demanded of me.

“I told you, I’m talking with her. I have the ability to see and speak with ghost. There is a message she wants me to give you,” I sat down in the grass as I spoke.

He sat down beside me. I looked him in the eyes, his steely grey eyes bored into me. “Say I believe you, what’s the message?”

“Her death wasn’t an accident. You family arranged to have her killed for the insurance and they have the same thing planned for you.”

Out of the mouth of the boy came a long string of foul words before he spoke to me again, “They found out. That explains the burglar in my apartment tonight.” He stood and walked away never looking back. I looked around for Amber and she was gone.

Shaking my head, I stood and walked back to my car as I chanted to myself about my normal opinions of this day. I hate Halloween! I hate Halloween!

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  2. LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the story! I would love to read more. Thanks so much for being on my blog. :D Happy Halloween.

  3. Autumn thanks for having me. I'm debating about turning it into a full novel. Was hoping for feedback today -Thanks :)


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