15 Day Book Blogger Challenge Day 1

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So I was on my home-girl Ren's  blog page A Little Bit of R&R and saw this post. So I figured what the hey let me join in on the fun as well, because well hell lets face it I am truly boring. LoL.

Day 1 Challenge: Make 15 book related confessions.

1. I am a sucker for the paranormal romances. Who doesn't love the werewolf that falls for the other species he is not suppose to be with lol.

2. I can not stop clicking the buy one option on amazon.

3. I cherish my signed print books like they were my own children.

4. I stay up way to late to try to get to the next chapter in the book, and sometimes I will read more than a chapter.

5. I hate to be disturbed when reading a good book that has my attention. It annoys me when I literally have to get up and do something while reading.

6. I enjoy reading YA a lot more than I ever thought I would.

7. It makes me so mad when I read a book, then watch the movie and see they cut out all the good parts.

8. I can finish a paperback book a whole lot faster than I can on the kindle or nook.

9. I enjoy eating snacks while reading on my e-readers. But would never eat with a paperback.

10. I dislike when people dog-ear a book. I mean get a freaking bookmark.

11. I can not stand reading a book out of order if it is in a series.

12. I love looking at book covers. The more it looks like the story will be about the more I want to read it.

13. Books that have the same title irate me a bit. Especially when I am looking for a certain book and I pull up 30 books with the same title.

14. I just started reviewing last year.

15. I am a sucker for new authors and can not turn down an author who wants a review.


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