Review: SleepOver Zoo By Brenda Kearns

Sleepover Zoo
Toni only wants one thing: To get through 6th grade at her new school without everyone finding out that her family is crazy — and there’s a zoo in their basement. When the most popular girl in school insists that Toni have a sleepover, it looks like Toni’s dream of being normal is about to be smashed.

Toni tries to get her new friend, Meghan, to help — but Meghan’s first visit to Toni’s home ends badly, thanks to a surprise encounter with frozen mice. Then a missing snake and bossy parrot only make things worse. If Toni can’t get out of this sleepover, the whole school will find out her family is not normal.

This wacky tale is packed with fun, feathers and friendship — and a sleepover that no one will ever forget.
I received this book to give an honest review.

I loved this book. It was one of those books that is just perfect for children. My son is 6 and he started to get into the book but decided he didn't want me to read it as it was a sleepover with girls lol.  SleepOver Zoo is a quick read and one that will have you flipping the pages just to see what the reactions will be with the characters in the story. Poor Toni is so scared of what people will say about her house being different! When she is kind of forced to have a sleepover because saying no will just not work. She tries to think of different ways to get out of having it. But will her guest have the time of her life being at Toni's wild house with all the birds or will she end up leaving?

Absolutely adorable and well written overall!

My Rating: 5 stars!!!

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