The Rapture of Avery Maye by Ema Volf

The Rapture of Avery Maye (Chronicles of Eirny, #1)Orphaned at thirteen, Avery Maye spent most of her life keeping her head down and blending into the shadows, trying to survive in a world bent on self-destruction through warfare and a never-ending quest for power. Unable to trust any but herself, her only friend was an apparition named Alec.

Ten years later, she fell asleep in the home she’d always known, only to wake in a new world, galaxies away. She soon discovered that her imaginary friend, Alec, was not an apparition at all, but very much real, as were the creatures from her best dreams and the monsters from her worst nightmares.

Overnight, she gains everything she ever wanted and more: a new home, new friends, and powers beyond her imagination. On a new path to self-discovery, while learning lessons in love and loss, Avery is finally given the opportunity to do more than simply survive. She can finally start living.

But in every paradise lurks a snake. Her newfound peace is rattled by the arrival of a pair of mysterious visitors from the world she has been fighting to forget. Will they bring the fate of Earth down on her new refuge?

I received this book to give an honest review.
I was debating on giving this book either three stars or four stars. As it seemed to take me forever to get into it. By page 164 I was hooked and I could not wait to see what was going to happen next. I did think there would have been more action/magic involved and there was not as much as I hoped.
Avery is brought to a whole new world and here she has fallen in love not only with the land and the creatures but also the people that are there.
Avery is not your average human she is so much more and even she surprises Darian with how she is developing. I have to say my favorite creature in this book was Opal the dragon that Avery has, made me kind of wish dragons were real just so I could have one as a pet. :D
She wakes up in a whole new world and now can actually see her ghost friend Alec in person instead of as a ghost! Wow now that is a wake up call lol.
In this world Avery has grown up a lot back on Earth she kept her head down as there was so much going on there. But here in her new place she speaks her mind, and takes hold of situations instead of stepping down and letting Darian take hold. Which I was surprised and impressed with.
I thought the way Darian proposed to Avery was very sweet and one of those awww moments that you really only see on TV. There was one part with one of the residents and it happened towards the end I got a bit teary eyed, but what Avery did to help I was so very glad that she had that type of power.
Now the very end I can say wow I did not see that little surprise coming and I wonder what will happen now with Avery. Heck what will Darian do when he finds out?
There is magic, dragons, those with powers, a creature you thought was no longer in existence, love, a bit of jealousy. It all came together to make a wonderful book.

My Rating: 4 wine glasses

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