Just Another Night by Nathan Squiers

Just Another Night (Crimson Shadow short)


A graveyard in the dead of night.

While most would avoid such an eerie setting, for three friends looking for a safe place to toke up, it is the perfect place to get high without getting caught. Unfortunately, for these stoners, fate has given them more to worry about than nosy cops.

In the blink of a bloodshot eye, all hell breaks loose... literally.

As forces beyond the friends' perception and control turn a calm night in a marijuana-haze into a terror-filled bloodbath all hope seems lost. But there's far deadlier beings roaming through the headstones, and a Crimson Shadow soon eclipses the carnage.

Talk about the ultimate buzz-kill!

Comedic disclaimer:
Remember, kids, don't smoke weed, or a zombie will smash your friends' faces into tombstones and eat them right before a gun-toting vampire puts an enchanted hollow-point in your skull

My Review:

I received this book from the author to give an honest review. ~WaAr~

Wow, another amazing book from Nathan. I do not think I can get enough from this author. His books are gruesome and makes you want more. I actually got the ewwwwwww factor (which I love) in this book. When I read this one part. " It grunted and growled-- is hunger driven further by its first taste--and paused briefly to wipe away the gore in this eyes as it yanked out portions of its victim's insides and stuffed them into its mouth." I read that and was like omg nasty but wickedly cool. This is the third book I have read by Nathan and I love how his mind works.

Just Another Night, is about three guys who are out at a graveyard in the middle of the night having a good ol' time when something wicked and hungry comes out. Xander comes in to clean up the mess, and take care of the problem of the supernatural. This is am adult book which I recommend. Nathan's books are proven to be a great read especially around Halloween. :D

My Rating: 5 wine glasses


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