Go Back (The Short Story Prequel to Underlife) by Marissa Farrar

Go Back (Prequel to Underlife)Copyright 2012 Marissa Farrar
                                                                       Published by Warwick House Press at Smashwords
                                                                       Cover art by Neil Jackson of Cow and Pig Designs


Thomas Young’s life is spent alternating between work and the hospital, where his seven-year-old son, David, is being treated for leukemia  The responsibility of a sick child has put a strain on his marriage and now Tom is terrified of losing not only his son, but his wife, Abby, as well. After being found living on the streets as a child, and with no memory of a life or family before that time, all Tom has ever wanted is a happy, healthy family of his own. Now even such a simple dream feels as though it is slipping away.

But, one night on the London Underground changes everything. When the train he’s on comes to a halt in the dark, Tom finds himself alone and frightened. But there are people with him in the dark, people who don’t want to be seen, and Tom can’t help feeling that the graffiti he’s seeing everywhere has been written for him...

Please note: ‘Go Back’ is a novelette length story at approximately 10,000 words or 40 print pages. Also included are the first three chapters of the subsequent novel, Underlife.

My Review:

I got this book from free from smashwords.
While reading this book I felt heartbroken for both Thomas and his wife Abby. They are both dealing with their son David in the hospital being treated for leukemia and going through hard times with their marriage. 
Thomas starts seeing graffiti everywhere on the train, in a bathroom stall. And he believes the words written "GO BACK" are meant for him but he does not understand why. This story was really short and I was really wanting more because I want to know what do the words mean? Why are they meant for Thomas? Will his son get better? But knowing that there is another book called Underlife I am anxious to start reading it. Because GO BACK left me wanting to read more. 

My Rating: 5 wine glasses

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