Bulletproof by Jeff LaFerney Book 3 in the Clay and Tanner Series

                                                                                    World Castle Publishing April 25, 2012
                                                                                    Copyright by Jeff LaFerney 2012
                                                                                     ISBN 9781938243318
                                                                                     Cover: Karen Fuller
                                                                                     Editor: Beth Price

After a devastating injury to his father, Clay Thomas is abandoned by two of the people closest to him while being pursued by the local police chief for crimes he didn't commit. He is determined to find the culprit of a series of local robberies while fulfilling a promise to a ghost to solve his eleven-year-old murder. Clay and his son, Tanner, incorporate their unique mind-control abilities to solve the crimes, restoring broken relationships in the process. Bulletproof is the third exciting installment in the Clay and Tanner Thomas mystery/suspense series.

My Review:

I received this book from the author to give an honest review.

First let me say this is the third book in the Clay and Tanner series. The first book is Loving the Rain, and the second book Skeleton Key. If you have read the two previous books and enjoyed them you know Jeff's writing style. It is unique his books have no explict language too them, no graphic scenes. 

Bulletproof has another mystery for us to figure out. Clay and Tanner can not get away from the mysteries that seem to find them. When Clay's father is injured and Clay is the prime suspect he must work on proving he is innocent with the help of his son and friends. New characters are introduced along with characters from the previous books. While Clay is figuring out the mysteries his love life takes a wild turn and he has to deal with that also. The relationship between Clay and Tanner is an amazing father/son relationship which Jeff describes perfectly in his writing. Of course there is the humor that will keep you laughing, and the mystery going on that will keep you guessing as you try to figure out who-dun-it. 

Jeff brings back the character Jasper, which if you have read my previous reviews you will know I love this little guy. (He does not like to be referred to as a midget) When Jasper is brought in on this book * NOW THIS IS A SPOILER* he is sprayed by a skunk and just the way that everything is described just had me giggling and re-reading it over just for the laugh. I do hope there is another book in this series, because I want to see what exactly is going to happen between Clay and Erika. 

If you like to read a good heart-warming story, with suspense, mystery, paranormal powers, love, family, friendship. Then I suggest you go out and get this book. I do not think you would be disappointed. 

My favorite quotes: 
" He'll never give us more than we can bear."
"When God begins a work in us, He'll carry it on to completion." 
"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear."
Those 3 quotes that are the ones that stood out to me, because they are so true. I use the first quote a lot when myself or someone I know is going through a hard time. I know that God will never give us more than we can bear, he knows how much we can take. 

My rating 5 books

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