Forever Loyal (Havenwood Falls Book 27) by E.J. Fechenda

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Title: Forever Loyal
Author: E.J. Fechenda
Published: Aug. 23, 2019
Publisher: Ang'Dora Productions
Genre: Family, supernatural
Review: ebook provided by publisher
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In this sequel to Fate, Love & Loyalty, this mountain lion shifter’s family is reunited—and her loyalties divided.

After a shifter cat fight in the middle of town two years ago, Aster McCabe and her sister, Reeve, were banished from Havenwood Falls. All memories of their hometown removed by a protective spell, the sisters have lived a settled life in Denver with their mates. But their world is rocked when Reeve’s infant daughter is kidnapped, and just days later, their parents show up on Aster’s doorstep. Parents they don’t remember.

With her niece in danger and the Denver Mountain Lion Shifter Den in turmoil, Aster doesn’t have time to process her restored memories of a life she had forgotten. And according to her parents and the entourage of supernatural friends they brought with them, she only has 28 days before she loses those memories again. But finding her niece comes first.

The search takes the group far from Denver, and along the way, severed bonds begin to heal. As time counts down, Aster needs to decide if she wants to go back to the town that threw her out and fight for Reeve to be able to return home too, or if it’s better to forget Havenwood Falls once and for all.

Family is everything with the McCabe's and we truly get to see it once again how they bound together to fix things. Does what happen in the past stay in the past or does it come back to bite you? That is what we will find out in Forever Loyal. This is a great follow up to the first book, though I would say you don't have to read the first book but it will help you. Especially to be able to truly understand how strong this family is. 
This group will be tested more than ever and will have to find out what is best for them. I really liked the suspense around the kidnapping and when it all went down wowzers!

E.J. Fechenda
E.J. Fechenda has lived in Philadelphia, Phoenix and now calls Portland, Maine home where she is a wife, stepmom, and pet parent - all while working full time. Crazy is how she likes it.
E.J. has a degree in Journalism from Temple University and her short stories have been published in Suspense Magazine, the 2010 and 2011 Aspiring Writers Anthologies, and in the Indies Unlimited 2012 Flash Fiction Anthology. E.J. recently released The Beautiful People (Book One of The New Mafia Trilogy) on Amazon. She is currently working on the second book in this trilogy as well as The Ghosts Stories Trilogy.
E.J. is a member of the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance and co-founder of the fiction reading series, “Lit: Readings & Libations”, which is held quarterly in Portland.


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