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Gemstone (Out for You) by: Anastasia Vitksy

Title: Gemstone (Out for You) Author: Anastasia Vitsky Published: June 1, 2015 Pages: 181 Genre: Sub/Spanking/LGBT Review: ebook provided by author Buy Links: Amazon, 
I will not be linking up to the amazon sites because I noticed that the books are being sold for 55.00 in paperback by a third party seller. Until I get confirmation back from the author the links will not be posted. If you would like to check out the book go the author's website at

Can lies build a foundation for love?
Gemma Parquin has a secret. By day, she’s the center of her church’s social life. By night, she’s Mistress Lorelei on Kinklife, online disciplinarian of babygirls and all who need spanking, whipping, and—her personal favorite—figging.

No one suspects, until neighbor Celine Daniels comes across Gemma’s Kinklife profile. Stunned and nursing a secret crush, she creates an account under the name starrygirl793 and “catfishes” the Mistress……

Blood Street by Carl Alves

Title: Blood Street Author: Carl Alves Published: May 14, 2013 Publisher: End of Days Publishing Pages: 312 Genre: Vampires Review: ebook provided by author Buy Links: Amazon, 

Blood Street is True Blood meets the Sopranos set in the streets of Philadelphia. When vampires tangle with the Philadelphia mafia, one thing is certain - all hell is going to break loose.
Alexei chose the wrong neighborhood to claim his latest victim, a member of Enzo Salerno's crime syndicate. Now Philadelphia mob boss Enzo Salerno is determined to hunt down the man who killed his associate in such gruesome fashion in his South Philly row home and serve his own brand of old fashioned Italian style vengeance.
Perplexed by this unnatural murder, Salerno uncovers clues that lead him to believe that this was not a mob hit, and that a vampire was responsible for this death. Magnus, the leader of Alexei's brood, must use all of his resources to save them from both the mafia and the FBI, sparking …

Book Blitz and GIVEAWAY: Just Off the Path by Weston Sullivan

Title: Just off the Path Author: Weston Sullivan Series: Standalone Genre: Fantasy Publisher: Fire Quill Publishing: Fire Light Release Date: Sept 5 2017

Hansel never asked to be a hero. He never wanted to fall in love with Rapunzel, Queen of the East. He didn’t ask to be raised by Gothel the Wretch, and he certainly never wanted to be credited for her arrest. But more than any of that, Hansel never wanted to lie: but he did. He lied about everything. He thought that he was done with it all when he and his sister Gretel retreated into the woods to reclaim their land, but he should have known better. Years later, Rapunzel’s guards knock at his door, and they say the words he hoped that he would never hear: Gothel has escaped. As he and Gretel take refuge inside Rapunzel’s castle in the eastern capitol of Hildebrand, Hansel is thrust back into everything he never wanted in the first place: his lies, his legend, and his lust. In the wake of it all, he knows that Gothel has escaped to fini…

Cover Reveal: L.L. Hunter


Cover Reveal: White Lies by Julie Wetzel

Title: White Lies Author: Julie Wetzel Genre: Contemporary Romance Cover Designer: Marya Heidel at Strong Image Editing Publisher: Changing Tides Publishing
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When her identical twin comes down with stomach bug, Molly finds herself suckered into a huge favor. Impersonating her twin for a romantic dinner… With her sister’s amazingly hot boyfriend. After a minor accident has Molly spending the night in his arms, she swears off ever again standing in for her sister. But life rarely turns out as planned…
When a chance meeting changes everything, Molly is faced with the hardest decision of her life. Should she keep her sister’s secret and continue pretending to be her twin, or follow her heart and tell the man she’s falling for the truth about her deception? Both choices will lead to the destruction of a relationship. But how do you choose between a sister you love and the man of your dreams?

Originally from Ohio, Julie always dreamed of a job in science. Either shooting fo…

Hope by Jennifer Gibson

Title: Hope Author: Jennifer Gibson Publisher: Black Opal Books Published: July 3, 2017 Pages: 253 Genre: Teen, YA Review: ebook Buy Links: Amazon, 

Jessie has managed to defy the odds, overcoming a severe hearing loss and achieving a Black Belt. She seemed to have it all, a handsome and devoted boyfriend, success as a karate instructor…until now.

On the cusp of graduating from high school, a shocking injury changes her life. With her heart shattered and her faith destroyed, she finds herself headed in a new direction all alone. As she leaves for college, she needs to find the courage to conquer her self-doubt and rediscover hope before it’s too late.

The Sickness: A Supernatural Horror Novel by Dylan J. Morgan

Title: The Sickness Author: Dylan J. Morgan Published: Oct. 24, 2015 Publisher: DJM Entertainment Pages :208 Genre: Horror, adult Review: ebook provided by author Buy Links: Amazon, 

A husband confronted by his jealous wife . . . an old man abandoned so his grandson can claim his inheritance . . . a fifteen year-old boy disowned because of his handicap. All of them are dead. All of them have returned. And they have come for revenge.

James Harris is thirty-six years old, divorced, and has a sixteen-year-old rebellious daughter to contend with. His chaotic life is thrown into further turmoil with the phone call bearing news that his parents have died in tragic circumstances. Forced home to attend the funeral, James steps back into a world he’d tried so hard to forget.

Nash is a small farming community in rural England: picturesque and serene, but it has secrets—violent, horrific, depraved secrets. Wanting to keep their business hidden, someone is not about to let James leave. B…

Blog Tour: TS901 Anomaly by Stacey Rouke and Tish Thawer

Title: TS901: ANOMALY Author: Stacey Rourke & Tish Thawer Genre: NA Dystopian Cover Designer: Regina Wamba at Mae I Design & Photography Editor: There for You Editing Services Publisher: Anchor Group Publishing
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Tainted water for the good of the people. Fluoride and vitamins to sustain the health of the human race. Added ingredients to extend and elevate the quality of life. All good things, right? Wrong. Thia Kelly has been changed by the TS901 chemical in the world’s water supply. Now, forced into hiding with the other inflicted outcasts, she struggles to survive as her powers emerge. Evan Daniels hunted for others like himself, and finding Thia suddenly brought meaning back into his life. Love blossomed between the strange couple while they searched for a way to reverse the effects. Unfortunately, the Government had something else in mind. Super-soldier creation on a mass scale was their end goal, and thanks to an unfortunate family tie, Evan became Patient #…

Guest Post: Four Days with Jack by Kelli A. Wilkins

Four Days with Jack — What Will People Think? by Kelli A. Wilkins
Hi everyone, Today I’m sharing a look at the making of my gay romance, Four Days with Jack. In this contemporary novella, best friends David and Jack embark on a sexual relationship. David has always loved Jack and has fantasized about being his lover, but he lacked the courage to admit his feelings—until now.
Four Days with Jack is one of the few books I wrote without an outline. I think not having a pre-planned structure let the characters write their own story (so to speak), and took the book in new directions.

At first, I didn’t know what the story would be. All I had was a basic plot (straight guy comes out to his gay best friend), a title, and one pivotal scene that takes place in a bathroom. (For those of you who have read the book, you know which scene I’m talking about – but I won’t give it away here.)

From there, I let my imagination wander and came up with the resort, the re…

Mermaid by Jodi Picoult

Title: Mermaid Author: Jodi Picoult Published: July 25, 2017 Pages: 40 Genre: Short Story, Literary fiction  Review: ebook Buy Links: Amazon, 

There’s always more beneath the surface.
Once, Hope Payne was a mermaid, performing at the local theme park and captivating audiences young and old.
Today, she’s married to a pragmatic marine biologist who has filled the pool in their backyard with flounder for a special study. Before he begins, the fish vanish—echoing a loss Hope alone can understand. She senses there’s something underwater, something alive and hungry for more, but is she in too deep to ever resurface?
New York Times bestselling author Jodi Picoult’s “Mermaid” is a spellbinding short story about the sacrifice it takes to swim again.

How To Write A Novel In 30 Days: Supercharge Your Writing Productivity Perrin Briar

Title: How to Write A Novel in 30 Days Author: Perrin Briar Published: Aug. 3, 2017 Pages: 72 Publisher: Self Genre: Self help in writing Review: ebook provided by author Buy Links: Amazon, 

Do you want to write more, but think you don’t have the time?
Maybe you’ve never written a novel before and unsure where to start achieving your bucket list item #1: to write a novel.
Or perhaps you’ve tried everything to be more productive, but nothing works.
Or maybe you want to earn more. Having one launch every month is one of the easiest ways to significantly increase your writing income.
I’m the best-selling author Perrin Briar, and for the past 9 months I’ve published 50-60,000 word novels every month.
Let me help you supercharge your writing productivity.

NetGalley Review: The Fear by Rae Louise

Title: The Fear Author: Rae Louise Published: Feb. 8, 2017 Publisher: Black Rose Writing Pages: 272 Genre: Ghost, Horror Review: ebook provided by NetGally and publisher Buy Links: Amazon, 

Fear is all in the mind ...

But Mia’s nightmares become a reality when she and her troubled sister, Jamie, inherit their deceased uncle’s house and experience phenomena that extends way beyond a typical haunting. Only Mia’s infant daughter is aware of the sinister presence of a man that roams freely about the house, but it’s Jamie who has become the subject of the entity’s torment.

No one’s secrets stay buried for long, and the psychological abuse that the family are forced to endure soon turns physical, with the demon’s attachment to Jamie taking on a sexually violent nature. When the evil spreads beyond the boundaries of the house and wreaks chaos in the lives of those closest to Mia, she knows that she must uncover the house’s past, along with the identity of its ghostly inhabitant, in o…