#PBwkendread: Higher Ground Zero Hour by T.M. Carpenter

This weekend read while I wait for my library to call me back letting me know that the book The Treatment is waiting for me is Higher Ground by T.M. Carpenter. I was asked to read this book and I jumped right on it because of what it seems to be about. I really do enjoy end of the world books so that is what pulled me towards wanting to read it. 

As mankind continues to ravage the planet we call home, the Earth refuses to become just another victim of our destructive nature. It is the Earth that gives us life, not us who gives life to the Earth. She will fight back with billions of years of experience on her side. She shows favor to those who live in harmony with her, and delivers devastating blows to those who mean her harm. She tries to warn us that her beauty will not always be evident, that danger lurks in her many facets, and that her ugliness, when it does appear, is not intentional. She was just born that way. She will warm us, feed us, clothe us and protect us if we are wise. Freeze us, starve us, strip us and destroy us if we are not. We are at her mercy for our survival. Yet, we expect her to bend to our will, as if it were the other way around. We blindly ignore warnings that if our current global consumption and production patterns continue, by 2050 we’d need three planets to sustain our current lifestyles. We selfishly expect her to bear the burden on her own. Meanwhile, man looks to the stars for answers to all the wrong questions, and then looks into polluted waters down here and wonders why he sees no reflection. What stories will we tell our children when they ask us how things got like this? Will it be a story of how we learned from our mistakes and realized every human is precious? Will we tell them that we came to our senses and found ways to live in harmony with the planet and each other? Will we be able to tell them how we finally demanded that love conquer hatred? That when we finally figured out we had no place else to go, we cried to the Earth for her forgiveness? Will we be able to tell them that it’s not problems they should fear, rather, they should fear those who deny the problem exists, and therefore stand in the way of finding a solution? We live amongst plants and animals great and small, and when we were few in number, all other living things were better off. Air was pure, rivers were clean, oceans unpolluted, barrier reefs healthy and thriving, and the earth had yet to bleed oil from the deep wounds inflicted upon her. As humankind has multiplied, so have our problems and all the Earth suffers along with us. Unable to resolve our differences, we have resorted to separating ourselves based upon; race, religion, politics and wealth. We have moved to debating conservative versus liberal solutions, instead of looking for the right solutions. Now a new threat looms to challenge our claim at the top of the food chain. One of the smallest living organisms has come out of its hiding place to remind us that we have not conquered all. Man himself may be a virus on the earth, yet we are unable to kill her. No, she will not die because of us. She will remain long after we are gone. But, did she send one of her own to remind us of our place? Something so small it cannot even be seen, but could decimate the human race? She had done it before. Was it self-defense? Or, did man think he was smarter and could control Mother Nature? The world was about to find out and humankind would be given a chance to respond. Would we band together and find a way to survive? Would we find common, and perhaps, even higher ground? What was going to happen next would determine the kinds of stories future generations would hear, and who would be left to tell them.


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