Review: Die For Me (Bragg #8) by Jack Lynch

Title: Die for Me (Bragg #8)
Author: Jack Lynch
Published: Jan. 23, 2015
Publisher: Brash Books
Pages: 217
Genre: Suspense, mystery 
Review: ebook provided by NetGalley and publisher

A psychic Peter Bragg once saved from suicide has seen her future… death at the hands of a serial killer… and turns to Bragg to save her life again. As one corpse after another is unearthed in the woods of Jack London State Park, Bragg teams up with a Sheriff’s detective in a race against time, and perhaps fate, to hunt down a killer stalking the nightmare landscape of the psychic’s visions and the dark, deadly streets of San Francisco.

I received this via NetGalley to give an honest review. 
The synopsis is what got me to want to read this book, and it was a good book but I felt it was rushed so to speak. The police procedures with the psychic didn't feel real to me.
You have Bragg who use to work for the newspaper, while working there so many years ago he got a strange call from a lady who was going to kill herself and he pretty much saved her from doing it. Now she has called him back to discuss the fact that she believes that there are bodies buried somewhere though she isn't sure where. We go on a chase of finding where exactly these bodies are while trying to see if this psychic will give out more information as she sees it.
I didn't really get into the whole psychic thing as it didn't feel "real" in a sense. It felt like it was forced to me as she was very vague on details and what not. I do understand that a psychic normally doesn't have all the answers or details to visions or what not. Also the conversation that started out in the book between Bragg and this woman seemed to be on the blah side of things, at times I felt it was repetitive on asking questions or answering things. 
The psychic believes herself to be next on the list of this serial killer but at the end who exactly is this killer targeting? This is one of those books that has a good mystery and has you wondering who is the killer exactly? 
Between Bragg, a psychic, and a detective all of it will come together but will it be too late for the latest victim? 
There is no graphic scenes, no sex mentioned. It is a regular old mystery book that was good. I think a majority of people would enjoy it and it is a good stand alone.


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