Review: Sold by Brad Lee Hayword

Title: Sold
Author: Brad Lee Hayword
Published: Feb. 28, 2015
Pages: 167
Genre: Ghost
Review: ebook

Mumps said the doctor/ Measles said the nurse/ Hiccups, said the lady with the alligator purse. . .
Kate and Carl Spradlin want a home. Kate wants children someday soon. Carl wants security. Kate has a past. Carl is part of it. The apartment is a lot better than living in the car, but it’s tiny. The couple cannot believe their luck when they see a house for sale in Williamsburg's Historic District—going for a pittance in back-taxes—cash sale, as is. It’s a chance of a lifetime. But there’s a toxic evil in the old Packer house. He was the American West’s first serial killer until the voodoo Sovereign of the Sevis Gineh found him. She made him the perfect killer and a courier between the living and the dead.
Dead said the doctor / Undead said the nurse/ Mine! said the lady with the alligator purse . . .
Kate’s sins have found her.

I am torn on if I should give this book a three or a 4 star rating. Maybe after I write my review I can pick a star. 
This book was recommended to me and so I figured I would dive into it and give it a try. The blurb made it sound very interesting. 
We start the book off back in the day like American West time and we learn of the serial killer Packer. Packer is the first serial killer until he is convicted and then soon released. He comes into the cross hairs of the voodoo Sovereign. She has plans for him and intends to use him. 
So time has passed and now we are in the present with Kate, Carl and Rex. Rex is the ex-husband of Kate and seems to be stalking her.  Carl and Kate are married and live hand to mouth every day then they decide to jump into buying a house. But this house is selling for less than they expect it, but that is because it is the old Packer house. Yep the house of the famous serial killer. As time progresses we read about Carl and Kate and how they have to fix it up, they do some work but it is costly. We read on as Kate thinks she sees things but she isn't sure. It is like ghosts are there and she hears voices, but she tries to keep to herself. 
The past of Kate comes back to her in a way that she never expects it to. There is more to Kate than meets the eye.
Then the unthinkable happens and it is up to Kate to put an end to this evil that has come a foot for centuries. But is she ready for it especially with her new bundle of joy that she carries.
There is some blood from animals that Kate does see so I could see that being scary for some people. 
Now honestly this wasn't scary for me. It was actually a book that I had no problem putting down and doing other things. This may be a book that others enjoy as it seems to have a good plot, but it just wasn't for me.

I couldn't connect with any characters, as they didn't work for me the only character I did like was the elderly lady in the nursing home she was the one that had me laughing. Kate bothered me in a way of when she lost someone all she did was cry big tears. She didn't fall into a state of depression or anything which I found to be very weird and didn't seem realistic to me. When you read you will find out.
I wanted more voodoo involved, I felt that once Carl and Kate moved into the house there would be more. I am a big fan of voodoo.
So there is one part that I didn't fully understand and maybe I missed it but I don't think I did. Kate's friend Emmy (I believe that is how you spell her name I don't have my book in front of me so I can't double check) sends her a text message saying to "lose her number." I didn't truly understand the meaning behind it. Was it because of Kate's ex-husband? Was it something else entirely? I felt this was never clear enough for me.

So after reading my review I am going to give it a 3 star rating as I did finish the book, and it was an okay read. But I did enjoy the ending with Lee, made me wonder if evil was ever vanquished? 



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