Review: Razorblade Kisses by R.L. Griffin

Her name is Emery Shaw...Emily Sanders...Emma Simpson...Ericka Smith.
Her family was well off, she ran.
They looked for her, she hid.
They found her, she ran again.
Tragedy strikes, she gets even.
The fact is, she doesn’t know who she is, she tried to run, to hide and make a life for herself, but that backfired. No one knows her except her best friend Rachel, if that’s even an adequate word for what they are to each other. Rachel helps her build a life for herself below the radar, which is fine until the unthinkable happens knocking Em out of her unfeeling cocoon. When her house of cards comes tumbling down she runs again, until the one person who can change her mind finds her.

Due to adult situations, language and possible scenarios that may be difficult for some readers to handle, take a breath before you start this one. It’s gritty and not pretty. Nothing is pretty here. Whiskey is a good thing.

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.
*May contain spoilers*

Wow. First let me say I like this cover!
Second this is not for the faint of heart there is talk of rape, there is sadness there is hope at the end of this story.
This is a story of Emery and what she has gone through at such a young age. From the time she was thirteen years old she has been raped by her stepfather. She has scars inside and out from this, and she has kept a tally of how many times it has happened. I honestly can't tell you the number but it was way to much. She keeps her mouth closed so her sister doesn't have to go through this. 
A chance encounter has Emery meet a girl named Rachel. Now Rachel is totally different than Emery she is mouthy and feisty. They have "clicked" and have become best friends right then and there.  
Rachel knows that Emery is hiding something and eventually it comes to light what it is. With the help of Rachel Emery runs away but as you know if you run away from  your past it will always catch up with you.
Emery gets a new name, has a new life but she is always looking over her shoulder in a way she knows she shouldn't get too comfortable. 
While she is learning to live on her own with Rachel's cousin Noah there is a relationship that blossoms but it doesn't happen over night. We slowly see Emery open up but she still keeps herself guarded. 
Then her worst nightmare comes to life she is found and she runs away again. This time she has a great job trying to save children but her guard is still up. And then enters in Tim. Tim knows that she is hiding something and he slowly tries to break the walls she surrounds herself with. It was amazing to see how Emery tries to be so strong but yet she is so alone and yet that in itself is heartbreaking. 
Everything has been going pretty good for her so far she is in a relationship she believes her sister that she left behind is okay, but all that changes with being told the news from Rachel.  
As the reality of this news hits her we see her crumble and decide that she is wanting revenge and then she is done. She is poison to everyone around her.
Now the ending was one I was hoping for and I have to say I was excited to see it happen. Tim was the light for Emery and the many names she went by and the people she became. I loved how we got to see Emery feel down on herself, but then yet she overcame that. She became a stronger woman/person in general. 

Now did I agree with some of the decisions she made no of course not. But I guess the author wrote it that way so Emery could learn from her mistakes.

I honestly want to give more in this review but I feel as though I have already said way to much possibly. Just know this is a good book and it will make you feel all sorts of things. 

R.L. Griffin
I live in the Atlanta area. I was surrounded by awesome dudes, until I added a female dog into the mix of my husband, son and dog. I went to law school at American University, Washington College of Law, but only after I fell in love with D.C. I worked in the Senate during the impeachment trial and wanted to stay. After law school I worked for a bit in the area, then moved to Atlanta.

If you ask anyone who knows me they know I love reading and read all sorts of books. Any free time I have I'm either reading, writing or drinking with friends.


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