Review: Captured by Neil Cross

Even though he is still young, Kenny has just weeks to live. Before he dies, he wants to find his childhood best friend Callie Barton and thank her for the kindness she showed him when they were at school together. But when Kenny begins his search, he discovers that Callie Barton has gone missing. Although cleared of any involvement, her husband Jonathan seems to be hiding something. Kenny has no choice but to take matters into his own hands. And knowing that time is running out on him, he's prepared to do whatever it takes ...

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.

I was impressed with this story. Kenny is dying and he has a list of people that he wants to either say sorry to or say thank you to. With Kenny having a tumor you can tell how it changes him even his friends see it and worry about him. 
He goes to apologizing to a young man who he didn't help the police capture the guy who tried to kidnap him when he was a young boy, to seeking out an old classmate.
I honestly couldn't see Kenny being this guy who could deliver pain to anyone. But that totally  changed once he captured Jonathan and thanks to the sickness. It is changing him on more than one level and he knows this. 
This classmate is someone who was very kind to Kenny back when they were about eleven years old.  What he learns is that she disappeared and her husband was a suspect, and this pushes Kenny to find out what happened to Callie.  This leads Kenny to Jonathan the husband of her. 

Kenny wants answers as to what happened, and he will stop at nothing to make sure he gets answers. The only question is will he survive long enough to get them. Especially since as time progresses Kenny looks worse for wear. 
Some of the scenes were gruesome but nothing too bad, just gruesome to someone who probably has a weak stomach. 

I enjoyed the twist that was thrown into this story. I think I would give read more of this author's work.

Neil Cross
Neil was born in Bristol in 1969. He lived in Edinburgh, Brighton, Leeds and London before settling down. He is the author of several novels including Always the Sun, Burial and Captured as well as the bestselling memoir Heartland. He was lead scriptwriter for the acclaimed series 6 and series 7 of the BBC spy drama series Spooks and is the creator of the forthcoming BBC crime thriller Luther, which is scheduled to appear on BBC1 in 2010, starring Idris Elba. Following the British publication of Captured in January 2010, he is working on his next novel and continues to write for the screen. He lives in New Zealand with his wife and two sons.


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