Review: Sons of The King - Volume 1 - Fallen Idols by Olivia Miller and Mark Miller

Mark Miller (One, Small World Global Protection Agency) teams with his daughter and first time author Olivia Miller.
In Sons of the King, they have created a fantasy world with a touch of science fiction. In the land of Mysstira on the planet Kaskaya, a great King has three sons. When a mysterious visitor falls from the sky, their world is changed forever. The sons of the King will soon face their destiny.
Chapter One introduces the sons: Taro, Diggold and Fallon. Also, an old farmer named Esephis discovers a visitor with a secret.

I received this book to give an honest review.

So it took me a minute to get into the book and when I started, I wondered where the book was going to go but then it was over. It literally was 10 pages which I can understand since it seems to be part of a series. 
I felt there was not enough of a character building of characters to really get a feel as to who they were. All I learned really was that there are three brothers Taro, Diggold and Fallon and they all get to split a ring on Fallon's birthday. Which I felt bad for Fallon because he just wanted to spend time with his father the King, but of course that got cut short and we find out why. But that is where the story ends and you have to read book two to find out.  There did not seem to be a good description of the world that the King and his people live in. I got that there was a dome, but why? I felt that there could have been more descriptions on the world that was created, then you throw in an alien and you really start wondering what is going on. 
Though I am intrigued by the visitor who has came to their planet, and what exactly did he give the farmer Esephis. 
I think this book would be great for the younger kids I would say around 10 on up especially being as it seems to be done in parts and not one big novel so the kids by enjoy that a bit more.
This is a story that takes place in a different world and a different time with kings and princes. I would say give this book a try and see if you enjoy it. It was not exactly something for me. I wanted more and it wasn't fully delivered in my thoughts. 

Olivia Miller
Olivia Miller is currently a full-time student. She completed a three year dual language program, in which she learned Spanish as a second language. Olivia is an Honor Roll member and has been recognized as a gifted student.
Born in Kansas, she moved with her family to Florida at an early age. She has a passion for writing and a unique way with words. Sons of the King is her first collaboration with her father. She has many more stories to tell, but also holds a secret wish to sing on America’s Got Talent.
One of Olivia’s claims to fame is that she starred as one of Daniel’s daughters in the movie Daniel’s Lot, available on DVD and as an eBook from Trestle Press.
Readers can find more about Olivia at and on Goodreads.

Mark Miller

A Kansas Native, Mark currently resides in Florida with his wife and four children. Since moving to Florida, he has pursued a lifelong aspiration of becoming a published author. He believes he has always been a writer and strived to follow in the footsteps of his namesake, Mark Twain.
His education started early as his father was a newspaper writer, editor and photographer for both the Kansas City Star and Kansan. Formal development started in high school writing classes at Sumner Academy where he completed the International Baccalaureate program. Additional teaching came from both Kansas City Kansas Community College and the University of Kansas. It was at KU where he received his Bachelor's Degree in Film. Informally, he was educated by the writings of C.S. Lewis, Lloyd Alexander and as he matured, Tolkien. His interest in fantasy did not end on the page as some of his favorite movies include The Dark Crystal, Excalibur, and Star Wars.
Professional experience dates back to the 1990's. Mark has co-written four screenplays, two of which were produced as ultra-low budget direct-to-DVD features by East of Hollywood Productions. Through his relationship with East of Hollywood, Mark also became co-creator of an educational and entertaining children's program. The Kidz Klub Tree House used the talents of a local radio personality and a group of child actors to update classic fairytales and fables. Each of the episodes brought a twist to the familiar stories and conveyed a positive message. On his own, Mark has completed five other novels and a screenplay, and a collection of short stories. The first two books of his Empyrical Tales have been published by Comfort Publishing, LLC out of North Carolina. Book I: The Fourth Queen and Book II: The Lost Queen are available now. Book III: The Secret Queen will be released in Spring 2012. Trestle Press published his adaptation of the Christian movie Daniel's Lot. With Trestle, Mark also heads a spiritual, introspective series called Mark Miller's One. In addition to his own writing, Mark is currently lending his talents to a faith-based movie production company called Faith & Power Pictures.
He believes being a father of four makes him uniquely qualified to write The Empyrical Tales, an eight story series that comes from our collected myths and fairytales. He hopes his writing sends a positive message with strong role models and a beneficial moral element. And every day is an adventure with his children as they continue to teach him as well. His two young daughters unknowingly provided the models that helped create the main character sisters in The Fourth Queen. Many of their phrases and behaviors are shared with their fictional counterparts.


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