2 year Blog Anniversary GIVEAWAY!!!

Wow! I can not believe that it has been 2 years worth of blogging. I mean really it has not seem that long. I guess when you have a passion for reading and then you start blogging about the love of books it goes by so fast. 

I want to remember how I got started blogging but honestly I don't remember. You know I started off blogging about my life and what was going on with it, which sucked because I was a stay at home mom. So I really had nothing important to say. I remember the last post I posted on my first blog and that was the top 10 places I would love to visit. 
With that I ended that blog and started up a reading and reviewing blog. 

My first book blogging post was on June 20th 2012, and that author was Bonnie Bernard and her first book The Midnight Hunter Trilogy. Now I have read books since I was very young but I never thought to leave a review until I noticed on Facebook that people were talking about books and leaving reviews. Hence I meet Bonnie Bernard and ever since I have left reviews. 

I have looked backed not only on my blog, but on GoodReads, and Amazon and I have noticed how I have grown as a reviewer. And I thank the authors for that because they have given me a chance to voice my thoughts on their work.

Now with this blog, I am totally new at learning everything and with that I have to thank one of my good blogging friends even though I have not ever met her, I have only talked to this chick on Facebook and through email. She has helped me tremendously, and that is Ren Reidy Owner of the book blog A Little Bit of R&R. She has answered all my silly questions, helped me learn blogger and wordpress thank goodness. She is my life-saver lol literally. Thank you Ren!

I have to for sure give a huge Thank you to all the authors and all of them have been Indie authors who have given this gal right here a chance to read and review their work. Knowing there is a waiting list and so graciously being okay with waiting even if I am behind and playing catch up. I thank you for allowing me to read YOUR work! It has always been a pleasure. You all give me a world to go to inside my head, and that is always nice. 

And one more thing before I go, I want to personally thank all the authors who have donated to my blog giveaway. Without you this would not have been possible. 
And a huge THANK YOU to Sophie Davis for the kindle fire she is donating. 

Giveaway below:

I have heard of people cheating on rafflecopters. I hate to even say anything, but if I catch you cheating I WILL DELETE ALL entries, no ands, ifs, or buts about it. Yes there is a Kindle Fire up for grabs, but there are also BOOKS from awesome authors. I ask that you enter fairly so everyone has a chance to win something. 

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  1. My personal thank you to all the authors who donated and helped with this amazing giveaway. Thank you all for the opportunity. <3

    1. Good luck! Thanks for commenting.

  2. Thank you to all the authors who donated to this amazing giveaway! And congrats on your blog's 2 year anniversary

    1. Good luck and thanks for commenting.


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