Review: Stealing Her Future An erotic Paranormal Romance Novel By: Cara B. Connor

INSIDE: Immortals, Thieves, Sex, Romance and Action too!
Warning: This Erotic Paranormal Romance book contains some violence and heavy sexual situations. Recommended for ages eighteen and up.
Yuan Wong had an education as a young girl that was not at all conventional yet she loved it. Until she was 15 she lived with her dad who was half British and half Chinese. They lived in Hong Kong in one of the lush high rise condos. At 15 she moved in with her Singaporean mother, who was the madame of an exclusive call girl agency. When she lived with her mother, the girls at the agency told her all kinds of stories about clients.
Yuan’s dad was one of the foremost safe-crackers in Asia, and taught her all the tricks of the trade including slipping in and out of places unnoticed. He showed her how to forge documents, pick locks and change her appearance. By 18, Yuan could slip into nearly any house, past any security system and seduce half a dozen men on the way. She was notorious, but the the authorities had no idea who she was.
Then she was commissioned for an unusual job while in London. A mysterious man offered her the job of a lifetime. It seemed too good to be true, but the pay she was promised was too good to pass up, even if she saw a few red flags flying. She didn’t get to where she was in this business by cowering at jobs that had good prospects.
Little did she know that this job would change her life forever.
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I liked the idea of the story, being as you have a international female thief, who also uses being a female to her advantage. I felt as though this is labeled an erotica it didn't feel that way to me. It seemed more of a 'oh no, I'm captured.' 'Wait we belong together. Let's do a bit of role playing.' It lacked a lot with the sex, it seemed to start finish the end of the book. 
With this being a short story I felt as though the author could have done more with her background, more of her present situation, and more sex. 
The story line is a good one that I haven't read before so that is a good thing. 


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