Review: The Evil Queen by Lachelle Redd

After her crushing defeat at the hands of the wood sprites of Cannora village, Heithar finds herself with little power and ostracized from her home. She stumbles upon an afluent kingdom that is in the midst of preparing for a royal wedding. Using what little power she has she hatches an evil plan to take over and destroy those that oppose her. Will she become the new evil queen?

This book does contain a sex scene that I would say is not appropriate for the younger audience which is a lot more than the first book which I would have deemed for the younger audience. 

Wow this evil witch will not stop will she? You would think she would have learned her lesson from the first book but no she is at it again. Only this time her focus is on a soon to be queen and king who will have a kingdom to rule. The witch is determine to be number one and she will do whatever it takes even if that means being manipulative or killing those that stand in her way. I enjoyed how we focused on Heither in this book more than just trying to defeat her as we did in book one. I can not wait to read book three and see how or if she will be defeated. 

Releasing the final book in the Wood Sprite series. Serena Reborn: The Final Battle is complete and will be available soon.
As for my new project, no more woodland creatures, going in a new direction and I hope you like it.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.
L. Redd


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