Review: Finding Happy For The Love Of Chihuahua by Bev E Taylor

Finding Happy is the first of 3 books in the trilogy For The Love Of Chihuahua inspired by my love of my pet dog Chihuahua called Star. For those that love a feel good read romance book, then you'll love Finding Happy. Most people love romance books but I wanted to do something different and have my books based around a pet dog that unites love and brings love together as we all love our pets and they too are one of the big loves of our lives. Finding Happy will bring you a great love and romance story of how the character of a little dog can bring so much power to ones lives!Prologue: Joshua is a graphic designer who is stuck in an unhealthy relationship with a manipulative vamp called Elena. Starlyna is a young woman whose dreams have been crushed and is struggling with depression. However, one puppy, named Happy, unites their fates together. In Finding Happy, Starlyna and Joshua will face the ups and downs of life but, will find themselves united with each other. Will Joshua be able to break up with the Elena? Will Starlyna find joy? Will they find happiness with each other? All will be revealed in Finding Happy.

I received this book to give an honest review. Contains Spoiler!!!

Even though the story line was good, it seemed to fall flat for me. I couldn't truly connect with either characters, I would have liked to have seen more character building. I did enjoy how with Starlyna finding Happy it might bring  two people together.  The way that Starlyna and Joshua acting seemed way to immature for their age and yet they are suppose to be adults. The way they seemed to have feelings for each other but yet didn't want to act on them it was like really? Be a bit more believable. The way Joshua's and Starlyna's first date went was just so sweet especially with the barn scene I found that to be so romantic.  Now there is a part within the story where Joshua talks about bullying someone and the guy kills himself. Starlyna brushes it off and didn't seem to show a lot of emotion with being told this. I think there could have been more emotion from Starlyna. I think this author has a lot of potential, and after reading a sample of book two I think I want to see where this all goes. 


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