Review: The One by JK Accinni

**Disclaimer** Publication date is October 7, 2013, Amazon reports the "sneak preview" date of May 26, 2013. Almost a hundred years pass. The Earth is ready for habitation. But it is a far different Earth from the one last seen so long ago. New plants and forms of wildlife from different worlds populate the planet, as chosen by the Womb.

The survivors, as expected, have not aged a day since the bombs dropped. New alliances have been made; relationships that should have led to the birth of children flourish unhappily without babies. The original wildlife is still with them, along with their generations of offspring. Every human now realizes their role is to support the animals.

This is the last book in the series and it is just as intense as the other books. 
You are taken into the future to where people are now in their 90's. 
The survivors are still underground and of course have become quite comfy leaving within the Hive but they would like to see how the world above them is doing. Is it livable? 
The remaining survivors get more surprises in this book along with secrets that become out in the open. Especially Netty, I was like wow! There is so much I could go onto this review but I feel as though I would give away spoilers or the book itself. 
The ending is not what I was expecting it kind of broke my heart. 

We all know Ginger Mae from the books before she was given something by the Hive to take care of, and she made a decision that I was surprised at. It was the right then to do even though she was hurting to do it. I have to give her props on that.
There are more people than just who live in the Hive, and these people are trying to change for the best, but of course we know how that goes when you have someone who still is evil. What these people did to the deformed babies I wanted to throw my kindle (thank goodness I didn't) because I was sick. But hey Karma comes into play and the Hive sets right what was wrong by who? Of course us humans. 

I am sad this series has come to an end, but answers to questions are answered. We learn who exactly is the One and we learn so much from the characters. There is sadness, hope, love, anger so many emotions you will feel. 
The story line is awesome, the plot and the twist that go along is just too great. I think I am speechless on how to word it correctly. 
 A really great series that I would say hey give it a read you will enjoy it I am almost certain. 


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