Review: Steel Lily The Periodic Series by Megan Curd

Steel Lily (The Periodic Series, #1)
AVERY PIKE is a commodity. No, more than a commodity. Her existence is guarded at all costs.

She’s a water Elementalist, the strongest of her dwindling kind. She creates steam to provide energy to fuel Dome Four: the only thing standing between humanity and an earth ravaged by World War III. No steam, no Dome. No Dome, no life.

Or so she thinks.

That is, until a mysterious man offers her a way out of having to donate steam. A way to escape the corrupt government of Dome Four. While the offer seems too good to be true, Avery is intrigued.

But when she arrives to her new home, she realizes the grass isn’t any less dead on this side of the fence. Instead, the lies are just hidden better.

…Which means digging deeper.

When Avery enlists the help of her friends to uncover the truth, she learns that while some secrets are better left concealed, humankind was never meant to live in a cage. And when you can control the most sought after resource, you can learn to control anything…including the fate of your world.

I received this ARC copy to give an honest review.

I didn't know what to think when I got this book to read, would it be a good book? Would I lose interest within a couple of chapters?
Well I can say I loved it. The characters were well developed. Avery is a kind of female character that just doesn't fall heed over heels in love with a guy she just meets. Yeah he is good looking but she didn't throw herself at him. Which was awesome.
Avery lives in Dome four the only reason why is because of the War. It literally destroyed everything and the only way to survive is by living in these domes.
Avery has a power to where she can create steam, and she is more powerful than the others that she is relied on a bit more. She has been told that without her help those in Dome four would die. The oxygen levels at times gets to where you can not breath and you have to wear a mask.
The people that are just normal people called "Traditional's" hey live day to day in fear of the Polatzi.

Avery ends up meeting a mysterious man who wants to take her away from Dome four and let her be free. Little does she know that there is really no such thing as free and sometimes the grass is not always greener on the other side.
When she ends up going to another dome she meets Jaxon as he is the one that helps her escape and they have a I would call a love/hate relationship.

Now Jaxon oh I can just swoon over his dreadlocks and his sense of humor. I LOVED it, especially when he would "flirt" with Avery and be a smart ass half of the time.
I had way to many laugh out loud parts with Jaxon but here is my favorite two parts.
Part one:
 Jaxon has a sense of humor that I fell in love with.
Don't look at me!" he cried, then grinned as he winked at me. "I don't want to make two ladies swoon in such a short period of time. How would I entertain myself tonight?"

Part two:
"There's drool on your chin. Either you're physically unable to keep your mouth shut, or I caused you to forget how. Since when I found you, you were drool free, I'm going with the assumption that it was me.

Avery meets new people makes a few new friends. With the help of Sari and Jaxon they all realize that there is something more going on in the dome and there is still a war going on between The resistance and The alliance. Jaxon gets answers on to why his father is the way he is. And Avery well lets just say she gets a big surprise that she didn't see coming or ever thought it would happen. Not all is what it is made out to be. Who can you trust? Strangers or those close to you?

I do hope there is a book two that will be out as I want to know what else can happen between the two sides, will more people realize the truth about the domes? This is a must read.

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Megan Curd is a graduate of Northwestern College in St. Paul, Minnesota. While having always enjoyed reading any books she could get her hands on, Megan didn’t begin writing until a friend encouraged her to do so while in college.

When not writing, Megan enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Traveling and snowboarding are hobbies she loves, and doesn’t turn down the opportunity to play xBox with her brother and friends when it presents itself.

Megan currently resides in Stanton, Kentucky with her husband, son, and Great Dane named Dozer.


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