Review: Inheritance by S.K. Whiteside

Inheritance: World of the Guardians
“Talk about hell on earth…”

Sekhmet’s life was pretty good; you know for a goddess. Her job was simple – kill those that sought to go against the creator. It was a job she was good at but unfortunately got a little too carried away with when she almost single handedly wiped out mankind. For her penance she has spent the last thousand years serving as one of the Guardians; a group of immortals that protect mankind and led by the Goddess Isis – who kind of had her own anger issues.

The Azura, a league of immortal bad asses, are literally trying to bring hell on earth and with it, Set – the banished God and ruler of the Makhaut. For the first time in history and with the help of the Makhaut, they may actually pull it off. Even the Guardians are at a loss.

In the Hail Mary of all attempts to save the world Isis, now going by Isira, sends Sekhmet to New Orleans, to find and protect the “Key” but when it is determined that a traitor lies among the Guardians, Sekhmet, now going by the name of Syn, is forced to seek help in the most unlikely of places…her least favorite person and fellow Guardian…Malachi.

What’s a former Goddess to do?

Oh yeah, kick butt and take names.

I received an ARC copy to give an honest review.
I was amazed with this book, because it is so hard to write ancient information and the now information into a story and have it work out. I love everything to do with ancient Egypt. And with Inheritance you get a taste of Egypt along with the now part of things. You read about immortals and you get a bit of information on how the whole vampires and werewolves got their name.
I do have to say I found the few twilight comments pretty funny.
You have this badass chick name Syn and she is immortal not only that she is a guardian and she is to protect mankind. And it pretty much seems like an easy job for Syn as she can not die really. She can get wounded but she does heal up. I liked the way her outfits were described in the story, it seemed like she was a chick you do not want to mess with.
 I do have to say I figured how who the key was related to after a few mentions of the characters William and Kate. Now the ending really has me intrigued as to what is going to happen next.
Another character I liked was Echo and what he could do. I honestly do not think I have read a story with someone who has a power like his and I found that to be pretty cool.
There are a few fighting scenes which I would have enjoyed more of, but with the fighting scenes that were there it balanced out the book perfectly. 
I honestly do not even want to go into details or say too much as I do not want to give anything away. It was so hard to put this book down to do anything because I kept wanting to read about what was going to happen next. So when will book two be out?
If you are looking to read a book that has some action, a bit of Egyptian written into the story, love lost, love gained and a love that may or may not have been there, paranormal, along with a Guardian who kicks ass and takes no names! Then this is the book for you.

My Rating: 5 wine glasses

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