The Foundlings By R.M. Garcia

The FoundlingsAfter the worst year of his life, all Donnie wanted was happiness, and when he met Abbie, he was sure he had found it. But their happiness together is placed in jeopardy after a chilling a encounter. They are dragged in to the world of Vampires. Orphaned, now they must fight to survive, fight to live and fight to keep their love alive. They find themselves outcasts in this world, the world of the Foundlings.

In the vampire world of Foundlings, their kind is hunted mercilessly. Donnie and Abbie meet Espee and Nox, who along with other Foundlings stand to protect their members. As the leader of the den, Espee teaches them to survive, to hide, and to avoid detection from the formal Bloodlines.

You see every vampire originated from a Bloodline Source, and each Bloodline could only birth a certain number of vampires from its Source. As it turned out, Foundlings complicated the formal Bloodlines’ plans and their possible numbers. For every risen Foundling, there would be one less vampire available to the corresponding Bloodline. Every formal Bloodline down the line, from the Reich all the way to the Old Ones, cared little for Foundlings. The reason for their hatred was unknown to every Foundling. To every Bloodlines, these bastard offspring, these “accidents,” were simply intolerable.

Can Donnie and Abbie's love survive? Can Espee figure out a way to protect her kind? She sees something in Donnie, something she has never seen in any other Foundling. Will he be the key?

DONNIE’S TENSION LEVEL rose significantly as the situation escalated. Abbie was in front of him and was guarding him against the old tall bum. He was not sure what was going on, but Abbie and the old man, who he now knew as Hulderich, were getting ready to square off for some unknown reason. To make things worse, a storm front rapidly enveloped the area. The winds picked up and so did the moisture in the air. Abbie leaped forward and attacked Hulderich, and he was still not sure what he was witnessing. Abbie delivered three swift punches to Hulderich’s abdomen; each blow drove him back several feet. He countered with a sweeping back hand that sent Abbie flying back into an exterior wall of the cottage. Wood splintered under the force of her impact. Donnie moved forward to help Abbie, but she looked to him, and he froze in his place at what he saw next. "Stay back, Donnie!" she yelled to him with her fangs bared. Donnie stared in disbelief as she bounded forward yet again. Hulderich was ready for her this time and caught her in mid-leap by her throat. He bared his fangs at Abbie as she struggled against him.

"Foolish girl, you have no chance against me, yield!" Hulderich ordered.

"No! I will not! I . . ." Abbie said as she struggled. Hulderich slammed her in into the sand repeatedly, and then pinned her in place, and then delivered several blows to her chest with his free hand. With each blow, Donnie could hear Abbie wince in pain as her bones shattered. The action was fast, almost too fast for normal eyes to follow, but Donnie found that he was able to see everything clearly. He began to move to help her.

"No, Donnie, stay back!" she cried out from the sand.

"That’s good advice, boy" Hulderich said as he stood up. Abbie began to get to her feet, but Hulderich delivered a vicious kick to her head. The force of his boot drove her through the cottage wall, and she ended up in the kitchen. Donnie moved to the hole and spotted Abbie; she was trying to get up but collapsed onto the floor. Donnie had enough!

Donnie began moving toward Hulderich, "Hey, asshole, how about picking on someone your own size?!" There was a flash of lightning overhead. For a brief moment, it was as bright as any day. Hulderich was eerily standing in the sand, and his smile reminded him of pure evil. The skies opened up, and an immense downpour began. The winds raged and howled with angry tones. The rain seemed to be coming from every direction as the wind violently pushed it around.

"Very well, I don’t need you alive," Hulderich said and charged at Donnie.

"Bring it!" he yelled back and moved forward. Hulderich took several swings, and Donnie evaded them easily. He performed flips and rolls that kept him away from Hulderich’s strikes. He realized that he was much faster now. Hulderich’s swings seemed to be coming at him in slow motion, and even the rain seemed to be falling slower. He took a few swings of his own on Hulderich. The old man was obviously an experienced pugilist and blocked the attacks easily. He continued to trade swings with Hulderich, and neither had yet to land a blow.

I received this book from Juniper Grove to give an honest review.

Where do I start? I wish I could give this book more than 5 stars because it deserves it in more ways than one. You get so many twists and turns that you will not even see coming I know I sure did not.
You start off with Abbie who ends up getting taken by unknown forces! Then you get into the world of Abbie, Donnie, vampires and the foundlings. You learn about a young man named Donnie and what tragic events hit his life, and how he came out of his slump with the help of his friend Misha. You know how they say that fate brings two people together? Well I have to say there was a twist I did not see coming as far as Abbie and Donnie meeting. Yeah they went to the same school, but never once did they talk or meet. Until Donnie wants to sign up for tutoring and soon after he meets her parents, this is where the twist comes in.
You could tell Donnie was raised as a perfect gentleman! He wrote Abbie a love note and I felt myself after reading it going awwww, that is so sweet! Donnie is one of those book characters that you fall in love with, and wish they were real. lol. Not only that but he is a romantic guy, he takes Abbie to "the spot" and the way it was described is just perfect!
Donnie's only friend until later on in the book is Misha who was the one who helped him and stayed by his side when the tragic events hit Donnie, and that is a awesome friendship that those two have. Even though Misha is put out there as a male pig, you can also see the sensitive side of him through out the story. There is also a small little twist with Misha and one of his ex-girlfriends that I was like oh my really? I actually felt a bit sorry for his ex.
You get a real feel for friendship, a really sweet love between Donnie and Abbie that just makes your heart melt as they will do anything for each other.
There was a reference to Gilles de Rais in this book, so of course I wanted to find out if this was a real person or just something the author threw in. I actually found out that this was a real person and what he did was horrific so I thought that was pretty cool how the author used him in the book.

In The Foundlings, it is all about vampires, but every one of them come from a bloodline of some sort. Each bloodline has a certain power, ability and look. You also get exterminators which are the vampires that kill The Foundlings for reasons? Well you have to read to get that answer. Now there are references to spiritual things, such as Donnie being a Native American he can talk to spirits. Which I thought was amazing as I do not think I have read a book yet that uses the reference to Native Americans and their spirits.  Abbie and Donnie get thrown into a world that did not know ever existed, and along the way they make friends, especially enemies and will stop at nothing to protect not only those they love but other's as well. They have to learn to adapt to their new life and can they ever be happy? Will they ever find peace?

If you are looking for a book that will keep you wanting to stay up late to try and finish one more page or one more chapter. A book that has twists and turns though out the whole story line, that has a deep friendship, loyalty between lovers, a love that just melts your heart! On top of all that a vampire book that is not your normal vampire book then I highly suggest you go and get your copy today like right now!!!! As I will for sure be picking up book two in this series. This author has a unique writing style that I was thoroughly impressed with!

My Rating: 5 wine glasses

Where to find the author:

Goodreads author page
R.M. Garica Website
Twitter name: @RMGarciaAuthor
The Foundlings on facebook

Places to buy the book:

Amazon The Foundlings Ebook
Amazon The Foundlings Hardcover


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