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Wanted to let you all know

My computer has crashed and I am using my public library. It is very slow and very time consuming so I will only be on at least once a week if that. Until my computer gets fixed if you have any questions or need me please email me at or you can find me on facebook. And I will get back to you as soon as I can. My reviews will try to be done as soon as I can get to them. Please please bear with me. Thank you so much for being understanding.

Just Another Night by Nathan Squiers


A graveyard in the dead of night.

While most would avoid such an eerie setting, for three friends looking for a safe place to toke up, it is the perfect place to get high without getting caught. Unfortunately, for these stoners, fate has given them more to worry about than nosy cops.

In the blink of a bloodshot eye, all hell breaks loose... literally.

As forces beyond the friends' perception and control turn a calm night in a marijuana-haze into a terror-filled bloodbath all hope seems lost. But there's far deadlier beings roaming through the headstones, and a Crimson Shadow soon eclipses the carnage.

Talk about the ultimate buzz-kill!

Comedic disclaimer:
Remember, kids, don't smoke weed, or a zombie will smash your friends' faces into tombstones and eat them right before a gun-toting vampire puts an enchanted hollow-point in your skull

My Review:

I received this book from the author to give an honest review. ~WaAr~

Wow, another amazing book from Nathan. I do not think…

Magic Murderer by Nathan Squiers


The world of magic is unified by a single truth: "The arts have tainted you."

For one man--a man corrupted by power and driven by a lust to kill--the price of his pursuits for power has become both a reason and a means of destroying lives. As this madman quickly discovers, the potential for murder and maiming are almost infinite when a flick of the wrist or a blink of an eye can rip flesh and snap bones, and the creative means of slaughtering innocents is a blood-red and limitless sky.

With fragmented thoughts and distorted truths festering in the twisted mind of this magical maniac, a sadistic killing spree ensues. As his campaign of carnage takes its toll on a family there seems to be no end to the bloodshed in sight…

… until he finds himself bathed in a Crimson Shadow.

My review:

I received this book from the author to give an honest review. ~WaAr~

There is a reason they call Nathan Squiers the Literary Prince of Darkness! His books are a no hold back horror type read…

Curtain Call: A Death Metal by: Nathan Squiers

Life was good and the future was bright for up-and-coming heavy metal band, Bloodtones. With a steadily-growing fan-base, the five members looked forward to a promising career in the music industry. And then things went to hell. Soon after a strange sighting, the Bloodtones' lead singer, Bekka, finds herself capable of the impossible and in mortal danger from otherworldly forces that catch even the non-human members of the band off guard. With their rock-solid future rapidly crumbling before their eyes, the Bloodtones find themselves struggling for not only their music... but their very lives.

My Review:

I received this book from the author to give an honest review.

Nathan has once again wrote an amazing story. This is the first I have ever read about a rock band that deals with the paranormal and I truly enjoyed it.

The rock band Bloodtones is not your average band. There is a werewolf named David, a vampire named Will, a sorcerer named Derek and two humans Bekka and Brian.…

What Happens in Vegas by Nathan Squiers

Published July 17, 2012 by Crushing Hearts and
                                                                                 and Black Butterfly Publishing
                                                                                 ASIN B008MICXG6


Few would see Las Vegas--"Sin City": the gambling capitol and center for greed, lust, gluttony, and debauchery--as an ideal place for a dedicated Christian to vacation. However, with her closest friends promising a relaxing getaway and an insistent husband, Rachel is given no way to avoid the trip. Besides, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

At least that's what they say!

But when her vacation takes an unexpected turn and finds her in the dark clutches of unholy forces, Rachel has no choice but to carry her Hellish burden out of Sin City and back into the loving embrace of her unaware and unsuspecting family.

Is Rachel strong enough to resist the dark forces and see that her family remains free of their curse?…

Victim (Crimson Shadow series) by Nathan Squiers

Published July 8th, 2012 by Crushing Hearts and
                                                                                Black Butterfly Publishing
                                                                                ASIN B008INU41Q
                                                                                Cover Art by: M.J. Parker


"The scars we wear are a constant reminder of what we've suffered through; of what we've survived. But the scars of every fight, every sacrifice, and every mistake are only skin-deep."

For Xander Stryker, the "Crimson Shadow", this truth is all-too obvious, and though his vampire body will not scar easily, he still wears the reminders left behind from his human life. And while it's simple to see the history of abuse and self-destruction on Xander's body, it's the scars he wears on the inside that haunt him the most.

Despite having left the human race in a previous life, with a little mot…

Crimson Shadow: Noir (Book 1) By: Nathan Squiers

Published May 1, 2012 by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly
                                                      ASIN B007YXIR24


**This book contains mild graphic language that may not be suitable for younger readers** Ever since witnessing his mother's murder at the hands of his abusive stepfather when he was a boy, Xander Stryker has spent his life trying to end it. But every night he's denied the death he craves. Then, as his eighteenth birthday approaches, his life is plunged into chaos and he's dragged into a supernatural world of vampires and other creatures of darkness. As the mysteries of his lineage begin to unravel, Xander is given the ultimate choice: Continue with his wretched life as a human or begin a new one as the vampire he was meant to be. Unfortunately, after his rebirth, Xander finds that the supernatural world is just as unforgiving and brutal as the humans'. To make matter…

The Bionics Alicia Michaels (The Bionics Series #1)

Expected Publication date October 15, 2012


All I ever wanted was to be a normal girl. I had dreams of joining the ranks of the Military Police and making my family proud. But the nuclear war that laid waste to our country destroyed any hope I had of being normal ever again. They too
k everything away from me, including my humanity. I am now half-human, half-machine, part of the never-ending freak show that is the Restoration Project.

They hate what they created and they fear us for being powerful.

And so they hunt us, destroying our lives so that they can bury what they built. What they don’t know is this: there is a Resistance out there and The Bionics aren't going down without a fight.

My Review:

I received this book from the author to give my reaction to the different twists and turns, characters, strength of the fantasy presented etc.

What an amazing read! I didn't quite know what to expect when I started reading this book. Half-human and half-machine you kind of wond…

Paranormal Days Gone Awry by various authors an anthology by Anchor Group Compiled by Melissa Ringsted

Expected Publication October 13, 2012 by Anchor                          
                                                                    Group Publishing


Bad days, we all have them. Even the supernatural beings among us. Do their powers and abilities make it easier or harder? You be the judge! In this anthology you'll see those doldrums days from every angle. From funny to tragic, from dragon to vampire, whatever your paranormal craving we have a flavor just for you! Enjoy one short story after another from many of today's hot and upcoming authors!

My Review:

I received this book to give an honest review.

There are 13 short stories by different authors. There were a few authors I have not heard of and the others I am a fan of their work. There were 3 stories out of the 13 that were okay. Those 3 stories just did not appeal to me. But the work of each author was great, there were some stories that I wished would go on a bit longer since I really was getting into i…

Compulsion by K.B. Miller (The Moon Coven Series #1)

Published November 1st, 2011 by BKC Publishing
First published September 20, 2011
 ISBN13 9781466099678

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 A family secret kept hidden has been exposed, and the consequences could be deadly.

After Lilyann Moon's beloved grandmother dies shrouded by a veil of mystery, she and her young family members are yanked from their completely normal lives and catapulted directly into the supernatural world of witchcraft. A world they know absolutely nothing about. The town of Hampstead, Maryland has no idea of the monsters that lurk in their midst. Or, of the dangers they will face if the Moon Coven doesn't figure out how to embrace the magick within each of them, especially Lily. She's suddenly up to her little pointy black hat in magickal problems. Destiny presented her with one more, and it's a big one - vampires. The only bright spot in this nightmare was meeting Mason. But, is she in love with the enemy? …

Haunted Moon Novella by K.B. Miller

                                                                                Published: April 2, 2012 by BKC Publishing
                                                                                A SIN B007SC0LFM

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Before Lilyann stepped into her destiny to lead the coven, there was another powerful Moon witch...her grandmother. 

A teenage witch-to-be in Galway, Ireland, Leeny Moon was prepared to take her rightful place in the circle along side of her family. That was until she witnessed firsthand the forthcoming nightmares she would be expected to face, vampires.

The fight between good versus evil begins here...

Blessed Be~ 

An exclusive ebook novella of K.B. Miller's Moon Coven Series.

The Moon Coven Series fans asked for more of Granny Moon and I responded. This novella samples a small snippet from her youth. Enjoy~

My Review:

This book was great! I can not wait to read the second book in the series to…

Go Back (The Short Story Prequel to Underlife) by Marissa Farrar

Copyright 2012 Marissa Farrar
                                                                       Published by Warwick House Press at Smashwords
                                                                       Cover art by Neil Jackson of Cow and Pig Designs


Thomas Young’s life is spent alternating between work and the hospital, where his seven-year-old son, David, is being treated for leukemia  The responsibility of a sick child has put a strain on his marriage and now Tom is terrified of losing not only his son, but his wife, Abby, as well. After being found living on the streets as a child, and with no memory of a life or family before that time, all Tom has ever wanted is a happy, healthy family of his own. Now even such a simple dream feels as though it is slipping away.

But, one night on the London Underground changes everything. When the train he’s on comes to a halt in the dark, Tom finds himself alone and frightened. But there are people with him in the dark,…

Destine by Katherine Polillo (The Watcher's Trilogy)

Published August 8, 2012 by Anchor Group Publishing.


Michelle Cross is an average, seventeen year old girl growing up in a small town in New Jersey. Up until her senior year, her life has consisted of a rather unglamorous existence. Her closet friend Cami has been by her side since kindergarten, she has a loving if somewhat absente father, and a mother who is unique to say the least. Michelle’s mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia when she was twelve years old, and ever since then she has had delusions of angels and demons battling over her only child. Michelle accepts her mother’s delusions as schizophrenic ramblings, until a handsome new boy finds her at school. Little by little Michelle’s world is turned upside down. The new boy claims to be the Archangel Gabriel cast from heaven, her best friend falls for the Antichrist, and come to find out Michelle’s mother has seen it coming all along. So instead of being consumed with prom and graduation, Michelle finds herself ba…