Reflection of Secrets by Reyna Hawk Book 2

Reflection of Secrets


Janie had high hopes of getting her life on the right path and freedom from the Petrilo Crime Family, but more tragedies and startling revelations send her plans right out the window. Janie's past trouble and sadness lurk back from the shadows. The beautiful life Janie has come to love takes a turn leading her right back to where she started in the clutches of the Petrilos. Will Janie survive another go around with the organized crime family?

My Review:

I received this book from the author herself to give an honest review.

I was sucked into this book right from the beginning. Reflection of Secrets picks up where the first book "Looking Through Blind Eyes" leaves off.  Now we follow the story of Janie going through depression while being a mother to Daniella. Also she is now back to living with Malachi. Danel her brother is very worried about her and wonders if living with Malachi is the best thing. He is very over protective and makes it know that Malachi shall not hurt his sister in any way. After a couple of months Janie starts hearing Daniella laughing and saying "dada" and she starts thinking she is going crazy. Little does she know Rico is a ghost who is visiting their daughter and keeping an eye on them both. Janie decides to take Daniella to Italy to visit Rico's family and while she is there she finds out more about Rico and that sets her over the edge.  This was a twist to the story that I did not expect.

When Janie comes back, she ends up starting a relationship with Malachi, and everything is going great in their lives until the worst thing that could possibly happens, happens. A mother's worst nightmare. Now fast-forward after this incident and this is where I felt a bit confused at first.
Janie ends up in the hospital and everyone is claiming she has amnesia she does not remember at all being with Malachi and marrying him. When this part of the story was told, I kept wondering what is really going on I felt as though I had amnesia myself.  Why would Malachi act the way he is it is totally different than in the beginning of the book.  I can not wait to read book three in this series to see what is going to happen.

With suspense and a love romance going on this is one book you will want to read. Though I do suggest you read book 1 so you will understand what is going on a bit.

One of the parts of the story that made me love the character Malachi is when he made it clear to Janie that he wants a relationship not a booty call. If that is what she wanted then do not come crawling to his bed. I know us women all love a man who thinks like that, because it shows they care about the woman and not the sex. 

My favorite quotes: "For where there is life, there is hope."

My rating: 5 books


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