Looking Through Blind Eyes by Reyna Hawk

Looking Through Blind Eyes


Janie and Daniel wanted to escape the monotony of small town life in Louisiana, so they packed up and head for the City of Angels, Los Angeles, in search of opportunities. What this sister and brother find is organized crime and a dark path that leads to death, suspicion, lies, betrayal and love. Who will survive on the wrong side of a gun?

My Review:

I received this book from the author to give an honest review. I got it as an ebook not paperback.

Can you say Suspense!!
When I first started reading Looking Through Blind Eyes I knew it would be a good book, it started off with action at the first chapter. Now after that everything died down it went into the lives of Janie and Daniel.   
Daniel is very secretive about his work, and of course he doesn't tell his sister Janie about his work instead he keeps her in the dark. Daniel will always protect his sister, even when she meets and starts an on and off relationship with a man named Scott. Who is no good for her. 

Janie is one of the main characters in the book and has a gift in which, when she touches people she normally will get a vision about them. And she can tell if they are good or bad. She normally keeps to herself so no one will know about her gift. Now I have to say her gift of visions does not play a big role in this book. 
While Daniel tries to keep her from finding out what he does for a living, his bosses want to meet his sister. Of course Janie ends up meeting Daniel's bosses and gets a vibe and vision from them. She knows they are men you do not want to cross all of them but one. Rico! 

When something tragic happens to Daniel, Janie is lost! She does not know what she is going to do so she turns to Rico. She starts falling in love with him and their story starts. Janie knows that things are being hiding from her. 

The one problem I had and I am not sure if it was the author's doing, the editor didn't check or if it was just the ebook. But on a lot of words there seemed to be a hyphen that there was no need for. Example: de-mons it should be demons, all one word. Also the word "cuz" it should be: because. I did not feel the need for the slang words in the story because the characters where not teenagers they were adults. It seemed out of place with me. Maybe there was a reason on why the author wrote that.

My favorite quotes or parts:

"When someone trusts you with their heart, it needs to be taken care of. Once it's broke, it never goes back the same again." I LOVED this quote because it is so true or at least to me.

Malachi to Janie:
"Where are you?" he laughed.
"I am stuck under the bed" Janie burst into a cackle of laughter. "I guess my belly is bigger than I thought" Malachi lifted the double bed from the floor so Janie could crawl her way out from underneath."
Janie is pregnant and she was hiding under the bed, this had me in a fit of giggles because I tried to imagine my pregnant self hiding under my bed and there would be no way I could fit. 

Now the author had me through the whole story thinking certain things and towards the end I was so surprised! I totally did not see any of that coming. I am leaving it very vague there because I do not want to spoil anything at all for future readers.
Besides the parts I had problems with this book deserved 5 stars because the story line kept me wanting to read more and the suspense was awesome.
 I am hoping there is a second book because I sure want to read it. I want to read more of Janie and the other characters!

My Rating: 5 books


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