The Sands of Time by Dianna Hardy (The Witching Pen Novellas #2)

The Sands Of Time (The Witching Pen Novellas, #2)

(Book Two of The Witching Pen Novellas)

Seven days ago, Elizabeth May tried to commit suicide. She was found by Paul, her husband, who took her under his wing and back to their home. But the attempted suicide is not Elizabeth's main problem -- Elizabeth can't remember who she is, or a single thing about her life beyond the past week. 

Plagued by nightmares about a familiar black panther, and a terrifying snow leopard, she is convinced that the dreams are trying to show her something important, and is determined to regain her memories, one way or another. 

Meanwhile, Pueblo -- the demon blood-bonded to the witch, Amy -- is going insane trying to find her. Amy disappeared one week ago, and it seems not even their bond is strong enough to penetrate whatever magic hides her. 

As Pueblo enlists the help of angels and demons alike, Elizabeth begins to piece together parts of her forgotten life. But what she uncovers may just have her wanting to turn away from who she really is ... for good.

My Review:
I got this book from the author herself to give back an honest review.

Wow, just wow is all I can say. The Sands of Time had me from the get go. After reading book one I wanted more and I am so glad I got it. I wish I could give this book more than 5 stars because to me it deserves it.

I truly enjoyed reading the first book in this series, but I do have to say The Sands of Time was just amazing, the plot, the characters, the sex scenes everything just came together and made this story just perfect. Now I can not wait to read book 3, because where this one left off I do wonder what is now going to happen between Gwain and Mary. And the suspense on why Mary is accused of those crimes.

Summary of The Sands of Time, Elisabeth has lost her memory, now you may ask who is Elisabeth I actually said the same thing myself, but she will be reveled later on in the book. She is plagued by nightmares, and in those nightmares she dreams of a panther and a snow leopard. The Panther wants to keep her safe and she feels the snow leopard wants to kill her.
Pablo who is a demon and blood-bonded with Amy has been searching for her since she disappeared, it is though Amy has vanished from the Earth no one is able to locate her. Pablo is going insane almost. 
So with the help of Elena, Karl, Gwain, Mary and a new character they are on the search to find Amy. In the Sands of Time you find a little bit more about Mary who is Elena's friend and works with her in her store. If you truly enjoy reading about witches, demons, angels, and the paranormal I highly suggest you give this novella a try I almost promise you will not be disappointed.


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